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Summer 2020 - Part 1

This year we preferred to choose the Italian holidays, partly to support our battered economy, partly to follow the directives and try not to contribute to the covid-19 infections.  In particular, we have chosen to rediscover some unspoiled and uncontaminated corners of Puglia. After putting a tent and some food in the car, we left for Torre dell’Orso ... we immediately looked for an available pitch to make it our base camp. We found a small campsite a few hundred meters from Sant’Andrea and started our excursion.  The first stop was the Caribbean of Salento and the stacks of Torre dell’Orso called "the two sisters".  The sea, although crowded, is clear and crystalline, it invites you to take a dip and a nice swim.  The sand is fine, soft and white, it accompanies you on long walks up to the two rocks called "le due sorelle" (the two sisters).  A short climb up the cliff to admire the two sisters from above and the whole beach of Torre dell’Orso.  This place is surr

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